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During the introductory and support phases of the integration of the CAE system AutoCAD Plant 3D, it goes without saying that we will be there for your company on-site. We will guide the process, starting by creating the system key (media key) and entering the catalog data into AutoCAD Plant P&ID, and finally by assisting with 3D model planning, using the AutoCAD Plant 3D tool.


We can support you on the following topics:




Pipe classes

Classes for fittings

Classes for instruments

Sealing classes

Dam classes

Support concept




Input of the pipe classes into the Spec Editor

Data input (fittings, instruments, and supports)

Query generation from the data manager 

Reports, for example: a bill of quantities (MTO) created from the 3D model and flowcharts



Continuing education


Social and economic developments over the past few years have led to a considerable increase in the need for skilled labor. The ever changing, increasing, and demanding needs of the market are challenging the conventional way of working (manual labor). Therefore, we can personally offer you or your employees an individualized training program.  


General facility and pipework planning


In this training you will learn about the different types of plants and the varying planning philosophies involved in working with them. We will also introduce you to various software products that you can use to create designs and layouts for the planning process. Special characteristics of different components and their needs will also be covered. Through integrated training exercises, you will have plenty of time to transform your desired skills into competencies.  


AutoCAD Plant 3D


You can’t think about plant engineering and construction without thinking about planning software. Currently, many software tools for this sector cover several phases in a plant’s lifecycle – from conception to creation. This type of plant lifecycle management provides a constant flow of information that begins with the first draft and continues well past the construction of the plant. 

Therefore, planning software is not only present on the drawing board, but it also takes over additional functions in the value engineering realm. In this training module you will learn how to start working with AutoCAD Plant 3D and use it to create a list of requirements while taking the process flow and any relevant regulations into consideration. A basic understanding of individual components and how to deal with complexity in the planning process will be taught through the creation of facility and pipework plans. Integrated training exercises facilitate the acquisition of new competencies through practiced skills.


AutoCAD Plant 3D


* Equipment (machines and apparatus manufacturing)

* Pipework (pipeline construction)

* Structures (building and steel construction)

* Hangers and supports (support concepts)




We offer various seminars with special themes, particularly those that are relevant to plant engineering and construction, for example: different types of construction materials for specific uses (high temperature ranges, surface engineering, and corrosion). 


Training times


In order to make it possible to take part in continuing education while holding employment, we offer the courses on the weekend. These full-day courses take place on 3 to 4 consecutive Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, more material is covered on Wednesday evenings during the week. 



If you need any more information, please use the Contact page and reference continuing education.


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